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Corporate Service

①Long-term Legal Consultant
    We advocate “Legal Out-Source” service which is an advanced model of traditional legal service. This model means out-sourcing legal affairs of the clients to a professional attorney team in accordance with clients’ special needs. This model is helpful to fully control the legal risks of the enterprises, raise accuracy in decision making, effectively lower the operation costs, integrate useful resources and achieve better economic performance.
   Our legal service in this field includes but not limited to:
·To provide legal consultancy on the legal problems encountered by our clients during their business operation;
·To draft, review, revise contracts, agreements, articles of association and other legal documents;
·To help to establish and perfect internal rules and corporate bylaws;
·To provide pre-IPO consultancy and standardize corporate governance;
·To design and conduct plan to dispose of non-performing assets;
·To participate in mediation, negotiation and draft, review and revise relevant cooperation documents;  
·To issue attorney letter and advisory letter.
②Real Estate
   In real estate field, we can provide all-around, multi-level legal service for real estate developers, domestic and overseas investors, property owners, constructors and designers. Our lawyers are experts on the laws, regulations, policies and common practice in China and Shanghai. We are also very familiar with the level of supervision changed from time to time by the government bodies, which enables us to maximally protect our clients’ interests.
    In this field, our service includes but not limited to:
·Land lease-hold, assignment, transfer and mortgage of land use right;
·Construction Contracting and Management;
·Property Development and Transfer;
·Property Investment and Finance;
·Property Pre-Lease and Lease;
·Property Pre-Sale and Sales;
·Mortgage Loan;
·Property Mortgage;
·Property Management.
We have rich experience in conducting due diligence investigation and designing plan on corporate personnel, salaries, insurance and benefits. Those experiences enable us to provide all-around labor legal service for our clients. In addition, we have represented several big state-owned enterprises and multi-national enterprises to handle labor related arbitration and litigation.
    In this field, our service includes but not limited to:
·To draft and revise employment contracts and labor contracts;
·To review internal labor rules or staff manual;
·To conduct due diligence investigation on personnel information during M&A and company restructuring, and to design plan for personnel arrangement;
·To deal with lay-off plan and scheme;
·To deal with personnel arrangement plan and economic compensations in corporate bankruptcy;
·To participate in collective bargains between the company and the trade union, and the draft of collective contracts.
④Foreign Investment
    We, as the legal counsel for several well-known multi-national companies, big state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, have participated in lots of high-level foreign-invested projects and have gained good reputation in this field due to our professional legal service. The scope of our service includes conducting due diligence investigation before the commencement of the project, planning legal structure, participating in negotiation and drafting different legal documents relevant to the project. Meanwhile, we also help foreign investors to communicate with government authority on matters concerning the project and provide best solutions for the possible legal problems that may be encountered during the performance of the project.
   In this field, our legal service includes but not limited to:
·To design investment structure and conduct due diligence investigation;
·To help to establish a joint-venture, cooperative joint-venture, wholly foreign funded enterprises and other kind of entity;
·Registration and Recordation;
·To Plan Corporate Governance Structure;
·Takeover of Foreign-Invested Assets and Business;
·Reorganization and Equity Transfer of Foreign-Funded Enterprises;
·Liquidation and Dissolution of Foreign-Funded Enterprises;  
·To Deal with Customs, Foreign Exchanges and Taxation;
·Import and Export of Equipment and Products;

·To draft plan for labor relations, human resources and investment withdraw;