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We have gained rich experience from providing legal service for different kind of M&A transactions. We fully understand our clients’ needs and we are capable of integrating our knowledge in investment, securities, tax, finance, IPR and labor into our M&A service. In order to facilitate a successful M&A under China’s changing and complicated laws and regulations, we also put matters such as withdraw mechanism, tax, government control and the ultimate goal of companies, owners and investors into consideration. Our motto to provide detailed and all-around legal service to our clients helps us to become the leading figure in the M&A field.
  The M&A projects we are engaged in cover a wide range of areas, including but not limited to, finance, manufacture, real estate, high technology, infrastructure, electronic components, medicine and service industry. For different kind of M&A, it’s our advantage to design transaction module, participate in negotiation and complete closings for our clients, which helps them to achieve smooth operation. We are also good at achieving M&A by different means, for example, by equity acquisition, asset acquisition, leveraged buy-out, tender offer acquisition and auction.
In the venture capital investment filed, we fully understand the motive and system of venture capital transaction. We are familiar with the legal risks in such transactions and we also have accumulated adequate experience in designing plan for the withdraw of venture capital, which effectively helps clients to properly set up transaction structure and deal with investment as well as other matters accrued by investment.
We are also specialized in corporate spin-offs. Our service includes providing business strategy tailored for parent companies and companies spinned off and reasonably allocating strategic assets and resources between companies. To maintain and develop relations between companies by the means of concluding such agreements as IPR license agreement, products distribution agreement, tax sharing agreement and company service agreement is also what we are good at.
    In this field, our service includes but not limited to:
·To Plan Corporate Restructuring and Reorganization;
·Joint Venture and Strategic Cooperation;
·Divestitures, Spin-offs and Other Corporate Restructurings;
·To draw up and negotiate plans for corporate merge, division, acquisition and reorganization, and to draft relevant documents;
·Transfer, Grant, Inheritance and Mortgage of Shares;
·Demarcation of Property Right Over Assets in Enterprises;

·Venture Capital Investment.