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Brief Introduction of GF

GF Law Firm, located in the business centre, is one of the leading law firms in Shanghai. We have focused our practice on the areas of: Company, Commercial Affairs, Securities, Investment Banks, Financing, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Rights Protection. Through specializing, we are able to offer the highest level of advice and service to our clients.
We have a strong, quality client base and it is our belief that we should grow and develop alongside our clients. More than 10 % of the top 400 leading companies in China and many among the top 500 companies in the world have appointed us to act on their behalf and they hold us in high esteem, especially within the areas of finance and securities. Until now, we have helped dozens of enterprises listed successfully through our correlative legal services, including A, B shares,Singapore red chips, H-shares and red chips in Hong Kong, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.
2.Style of Management
GF believes that the management of the firm is key to its on-going development and success. We are very forward thinking in our approach, with strong emphasis placed on teamwork. Within a climate of teamwork and support we believe that our lawyers perform more efficiently and confidently, surrounded by a network of knowledge and experience, which they can draw from, allowing each person to bring their individual strengths to the project .In terms of quality, through teamwork, we are able to supervise the development of our staff and ensure they are working to the high standards that we expect of them, both in terms of work and client care. We believe that this approach provides our clients with our strongest service.
Strong relationship forms the foundation of our firm and this permeates all aspects of our business. We seek to form strong and professional relationship with our clients and the other professionals we need to work along side to complete the projects. By having good working relationship we are able to achieve efficient and fast completion of our clients’ projects.
3.Style of Service
We have a deep understanding of the business and the needs of our clients. We recognize that to ensure good relations it is important to keep our clients informed of the progress of their cases throughout the process. We often visit our clients in person, to discuss the details of the case and we maintain regular contact through letter, telephone and email. We keep all our lawyers up to date and informed of developments in cases so that if our client needs to discuss any issue, there is always someone available to talk with them, in the same professional, friendly and down-to-earth manner that is common to all our lawyers.
We understand that clients look for effectiveness and value and this is what we focus on. Due to our fees being regulated by the law firm rather than the individual we are able to offer value for money.
We have two primary methods of Billing. Generally we charge an hourly rate, which alters in accordance with the seniority and experience of the lawyer in charge of the case, the size and complexity of the matter, the degree of urgency and the nature and extent of the documentation involved. Our second method of Billing is a Flat/ Fixed Fee agreement. These are determined on a case-by-case basis.

All new cases are assigned to the lawyer believed to be most qualified in that area of expertise. But in addition to this, we believe that by drawing on the team around, you get diversity in ideas and approaches and new and more efficient methods of problem solving are achieved. Through this method of working we are able to constantly improve our service and offer our clients quicker and more effective results.